Labour market measures

County Labor Office offers a range of incentives and support instruments aimed at increasing employment and raising workforce quality.

Employee training  refund – an employer who will direct an employee to work training for at least 22 day training and will employ an unemployed person directed from the Labor Office will receive a refund of both the training costs and the salary of the hired unemployed.

Training fund – a fund created by the employer from the company’s capital directed for the financing or co-financing the costs of work training. An employer who creates a training fund may apply for refund from the Work Fund.

Internship – acquiring by an unemployed person the work skills in a company, the intern is officially hired by the Labor Office from which he receives a salary. An unemployed can be directed from the Office for a period of up to 6 months and must be a person who is in an especially unfavorable condition* on the job market or is a graduate of a university under 27 years old.

Assisted employment – an employer may apply to the Labor Office for initiating and funding assisted employment in his company. The conditions of assisted employment are agreed upon between the Office and the employer. The Labor Office may direct to work the unemployed in an especially unfavorable condition*. The Labor Office partially refunds salaries, bonuses and social security contributions to an employer who has hired the directed unemployed for at least six months.

Equipping a workplace – the Labor Office may refund the costs of equipping a workplace to  entrepreneurs for an unemployed person directed to work by the Office.

One time social security contribution refund – an employer who hires an unemployed in an especially unfavorable condition* for the period of at least 12 months may apply to the Labor Office for the refund of social security contribution.

*Unemployed in especially unfavorable condition – every employee who:
– remains unemployed and without pay for six months,
– has an education level below ISCED 3,
– is over 50 years old,
– is a single parent,
– works in an industry in which the disproportion between male and female employees is more than 25% larger than the average disproportion in all branches of economy in a given country, and is the member of the minority,
– is a member of an ethnic minority who, in order to remain employed, must raise his qualifications, language proficiency or increase working experience.