Public aid for entrepreneurs

In April 2007 the City Council in Stargard Szczeciński has passed a resolution describing the conditions of granting regional aid for entrepreneurs for the support of a new investment project or creating new jobs as a result of a new investment. The aid proposed in the resolution is granted in the form of a realty tax exemption. The exemption is granted from grounds, buildings and other constructions used for business activities. The application form must be filed before the first expenditure connected with an investment project.

In order to obtain the tax exemption an entrepreneur must fulfill at least one of the following conditions:

  • Transferring  investment expenditure connected with the new investment (amount must exceed 100 000 Euros and the project must be finished within 48 months from filing the application),
  • Purchase of an enterprise which is under liquidation and create new jobs in connection with a new investment (creating at least 50 new jobs within 12 months from filing the application),
  • New job creation connected with a new investment (creating at least 50 new jobs within 3 years from completing the investment).

Costs qualifying for aid to be granted for the new investment include:
1. Purchase of land.
2. Purchase or production of fixed assets such as buildings and constructions and their equipment connected with running economic activity including:
a) machines and equipment,
b) tools, devices and apparatus,
c) technical equipment for office works,
d) technical infrastructure.