Stargard is third biggest and one of the best economically developing towns in Western Pomerania. It covers the area of 4,810 ha and has about 70 thousand inhabitants. It is located next to the River Ina, about 40 km from Szczecin, 180 km from Berlin and 120 km from Ferry Terminal in Świnoujście. The town is located on the border of two big geographical regions: Szczecin Lowland and Western Pomerania Lakeland, which makes the surrounding landscape diverse.

The 15th east meridian, which is the central axis of Central European Time, passes through Stargard.

Stargard is attractive as a tourist and holiday destination, particularly due to historic buildings the beauty and value of which in combination with landscape features let them be placed on the European Route of Brick Gothic.

Pyrzycko-Stargardzka Plain surrounding the the town is rich in lakes, including the fifth biggest in Poland: Miedwie Lake, located just 7 km away from the town. There is a vast forest area of Goleniowska Backwoods 15 km to the west of Stargard; 40 km to the east of the town there is Ińsko Landscape park is a place of outstanding natural beauty rich in woods and lakes.