Investments areas

High Technologies Industrial Park is the basis of unique investment offer. It is located on the grounds of the former Russian Federation military airfield in Kluczewo district of Stargard. The base was taken over by the city in the early 1990s and it consisted of the garrison, which had been reintroduced to the city as a residential area,  and the airfield infrastructure consisting of the landing strip, bunkers and other buildings. The entire area taken over by the city covered around 1200 hectares from which cca. 850 hectares constitutes the area of the HTIP. The large area and clear ownership status of the area make it perfect for locating there even large investment projects. Those advantages decide on Stargard’s investment offer being one of the most unique in Poland.

Investment offers:

20.02 ha

37.31 ha

5 ha

2.27 ha

2.1 ha

9.01 ha

1.6 ha

Tereny inwestycyjne
Tereny inwestycyjne
Tereny inwestycyjne